ReThink Office Furniture 

How are we different? Of course we have new office furniture like other companies. Our portfolio includes desks, case goods, modular systems, sit-stands, etc. If new is your thing, you should ALWAYS get a comparison quote to see how competitive we really are 😉. 

However, our main goal is to share where your office can save money by mixing in refurbished products. New furniture dealers don’t have the ability to explain how to incorporate refurbished pieces into your layout. Nor do they want you to know its a possibility! 

Our speciality is in remanufacturing/refurbishing office systems (cubicles.) What is refurbishing you ask? It means the core of the panel is previously owned Herman Miller AO2 (excellent material for those who have no idea what we are talking about.) Our clients still get the fun of picking out new fabric, paint and finishes to design their office. You end up with an office that feels brand new, without the massive price tag. We typically save companies 40-50% of what what they would have spent. 

Why you should care?
Besides saving a sizable amount of money, the eco-friendly stations are not only economical for your budget, but also environmentally sustainable for our Minnesota land fills. We are also local, and Minnesota nice. 

From a single suite to entire floors of contemporary office furniture, MOF has the expertise to plan even the most extensive orders. We can manage every aspect of your furniture project, from inception to completion. Whether you want to reuse your existing, or acquire new furniture, in Minnesota we are your total office furniture solution for these products and services. We focus on viable solutions, ergonomic products, new and previously owned furniture that adapts to your employees and their ever-changing work environment. 

You can ALWAYS expect an professional experience and a dedicated company to partner with you regarding your office furniture needs.
We look forward to working with you!

Your local and economical resource, for environmentally friendly commercial furniture products. 

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